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Referral Tracking


Referral Tracking Software should be designed to allow the office personnel to quickly find any information about a member that is needed for dispatching. They should be able to tell when a member signed out of work and to which list they are assigned. Dispatching the next qualified member is a must.  The information required to do so should be organized and easily maintained. 


North Star has designed such a system.  Look at some of the screens used in the system. Look at the data being displayed. Notice how the data is grouped.


If your union requires information you don't see, remember Designing, Writing, Installing, Training and Supporting Computer software is what we do for a living. 


All software products sold by North Star come with an unconditional 60 days full purchase price refund guarantee.


Tour a few of the software screens.
Dispatch Control Center.                         Referrals
Member Out of Work Control.               Sign Out of Work
Member Referral Maintenance.             Position
Posted Out of Work List.                           OWL
List all Qualified.                                 Fill Orders




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