Developed and Supported by Proud Members of

IUOE Local 841 in Indiana



  Stationary Processing  


  • Tracks Member Information
  • Companies & Agreements
  • Companies Due for re-negotiation
  • Check Off Processing
  • Per Capita Processing
  • Tracks Delinquent Companies


  Apprentice Tracking


  • Total Hours (Curr. & LTD)
  • OJT / Classroom / Seat time
  • Due Upgrade
  • CCO Tracking
  • Pipeline OQ Tracking
  • Site Equipment  Tracking


 Per Capita Filing


  • Bridge the Gap between your Local and the  International's  New Membership Management System
  • Maintains Movement History
  • Produces Monthly Movement Reports
  • Calculates Payment Due
  • Produces the International Cover Sheets
  • Creates Files for the International
   Membership Tracking


  • Status and Branch Tracking
  • Dues Paid Through
  • Delinquent Notices
  • Assessment Tracking
  • Reports and Labels


   Referral Tracking


  • Multiple Offices and Lists
  • Multiple Qualifications per Operator  
  • Prints Referral ticket with required benefits
  • Tracks Short Jobs
  • Finds next qualified member to fill a request
   Contractor Tracking


  • Signatory
  • Members working for
  • Due for re-negotiation
  • Check Off Dues Tracking
  • Reports and Labels


    Web Based Processing


  • Member - Address Changes
  • Member - Phone Number Changes  
  • Member - Position on Out of work List
  • Contractor - Review Operator Skills
  • Agent - Review Open Orders

Give your office personnel the tools they need to do their job. 


North Star has been providing management software solutions to Unions since 1996. We provide the tools you need to organize your Union so that you can focus on organizing the workplace.


North Star is a union shop that understands that locals differ from state to state. Our  Membership Tracking, Apprentice Tracking and Referral Tracking software programs can be modified to meet your specific needs.


North Star software is developed with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, allowing your data to be integrated with other Microsoft Office products.   Our software is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems. Your software purchase also includes the source code, allowing you to modify it. We believe proper training on the use of the software is as important as the software itself. Even if no modification is required we offer on-site service for software installation, data conversion and user training. North Star offers on going support via the Internet or with direct modem hookups. 


North Star products come with an unconditional 60 days full purchase price refund guarantee.


Organizing Unions to Organize Their  Workplace
North Star Computer and Union Consultants
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